Our Professional Development Programs Set the Bar High

Our high-quality sessions are intensely hands on and intended to increase all teachers comfort level with the new curriculum and instructional methodologies they will be implementing.

All professional development facilitators are former educators who have been involved with the development of the programs. These facilitators build relationships with participants and coach participants in the various aspects of the programs to encourage professional learning communities and promote student success.

STEM Certification

Become a leader in STEM education. This sequenced professional development series carefully studies curriculum standards and the latest in STEM pedagogy. Participants learn how expectations of classroom functionality are changing and what techniques can ensure success. Curriculum plans are then crafted to build momentum towards organization-wide unifying STEM goals.

STEM Accreditation

Boost your school’s enrolment by becoming STEM accredited. Give your students an academic advantage and be recognized for offering programs that give your students a career advantage.